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The new craze on the block is probiotic foods. While Hungarian grandmas have known about the benefits of sauerkraut juice for generations, it is only recently that the American speciality foods industry has taken a liking to probiotic foods.

Some people might be unclear as to what probiotics actually are. Put simply, probiotic food is any food that has a ‘live bacteria’ component to it. Any discussion of willfully putting bacteria into the body will have some people running to the bathroom sink to be sick. While it can be hard to imagine that bacteria can actually be good for the body, scientific research has now confirmed what a lot of dieticians and Eastern European grandmas have known for years: probiotics are excellent for digestion and for ensuring a healthy gut. Some research has even linked gut bacteria to mental issues like depression and anxiety – but that’s far from settled science.

Put quite simply, foods with a probiotic component are different from other foods in that they are made up of thousands of microorganisms. These microorganisms do all the good work in keeping digestion smooth and maintaining healthy gut bacteria.

Here are 5 probiotic foods that all wholesale food distributors in Chicago are now carrying:

Kimchi – This is a fermented cabbage dish from Korea that goes well with rice and veggies. It can be made to be quite spicy or quite mild depending on what kinds of spices are added into the fermentation process. Kimchi is also a nice addition to any kind of vegetable soup.

Kombucha – Another fermented item, Kombucha is a carbonated drink that is full of probiotics. Kombucha can be made in any variety of flavors and is often given some sugar to sweeten the taste. A lot the most popular types are actually the product of fermented teas, like green tea, with the addition of sugar. It is a popular drink for people to make for themselves in their own home as well, though a few companies have mastered the craft of kombucha.

Yogurt – Perhaps the most well-known item on this list is yogurt. Yogurt is a close relative to milk because it is derived from milk. Yogurt has many fortifying probiotic ingredients that make it the perfect introduction to food distribution company Indiana probiotic foods. It is possible to taste the peculiar flavor of millions of microorganisms in one bite of plain organic yogurt.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is an excellent alternative to balsamic vinegar for homemade salad dressing. It has a tart flavor that complements the smooth flavor of olive oil.

Tempeh – Tempeh is fermented cooked soybean. It has a very subtle flavor and a texture that is quite similar to tofu. A popular choice for vegans, tempeh is slowly making its way into the American diet thanks to the growing awareness of probiotic foods.

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